Booklist reviews "The Dogs..."

Foster, Ken. The Dogs Who Found Me: What I’ve Learned from Pets Who Were Left Behind. Mar. 2006. 240p. Lyons, paper, $12.95 (1-59228-749-2). 636.7.

Foster believes that dogs are like tattoos: they leave an indelible mark. His warm, candid, and unusual account of his experience in animal rescue is not sentimental about the hard work of saving dogs but rather confident, reflecting his belief that taking action on behalf of abandoned dogs is the right thing to do. Foster enumerates some of the ways people consistently do wrong by these wonderful animals and explains that rescued animals often have physical and behavioral problems, making them difficult to care for. But that, he concludes, is the point. Without knowing the outcome or what resources will be required, you take on the task, and you are a better person for it. Even if, or perhaps especially if, you have a sudden heart problem and must face Hurricane Katrina, as Foster and his trio of dogs did with the help of friends. Animal rescue efforts may be small in the eyes of the world, but to a redeemed animal, they are the world. —Pamela Crossland


lisa in tlh said…
Can't wait to read it.

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