Monday, August 08, 2005

Six Feet Under: Nate's Burial

I have sort of gotten over the shock and glee at Nate's long overdue death, but I thought, after two weeks of posting after each episode, perhaps I should keep it up.

Last night Nate was buried, and I loved the hideousness of the green funeral, the awkward clumsy attempts to carry a corpse without a casket, the painfully long silences. On the other hand, some of the more dramatic scenes felt rushed, as if to save time for that drawn out uncomfortable graveside sequence. Did we really need another scene of Brenda's mom (usually so hideous that I love her) claiming her problems are greater than the rest of the world around her? Would Brenda really dump Maya at the doorstep of Mrs. Fisher without so much as a conversation? I kept thinking that the true scene would be Brenda having the urge to leave the child with her, but choosing to come in and stay with the Fishers instead.

Yet, in spite of these errors in the script, I sobbed my head off. Even the dogs were concerned for me.

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I cried my head off for the whole hour, especially during the parts when Claire and Ted were together. The fact that Ted is a republican and so compassionate and HOT makes me want to weep all the time. I thought I knew myself...