By the skin of my teeth...

This morning I woke up at 4:30 to finish--finally finish--the manuscript for The Dogs Who Found Me. I'd been holding on to it these past few weeks making tiny changes and adjustments, adding to a resource section at the back, adding some tiny details and ideas along the way. At 6:30 I was done, and took the three dogs for their walks. At 7:30, I started doing a spellcheck. At 8:00 the computer tried to do an autosave while in the midst of a spell check command, and the program froze. At 8:15 I did a force quit on Microsoft Word, then tried to open the file again. It wouldn't open. I restarted the whole computer, opened the recovered document and it was jibberish. I went back to the previous version saved on the desktop--which was mostly up to date thank god, save for the spelling errors--and before anything more happened, sent it off to my editor.

It is done!

For now, anyway.

But what a battle. This is the third computer that has tried to destroy it!


YEAH! Congratulations! So, what's next? :)
YEAH! Congratulations! So, what's next? :)

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