Sunday, July 24, 2005

Six Feet Under: Is Nate Dead?

OK, I got into Six Feet Under late-the end of last season. Then, after my own near death experience in December, I rented the DVDs of the early seasons and became obsessed. most people I know, the first episodes of this current season seemed slow, obvious, repetitious. The storylines seemed fractured and disjointed. And, more than anything else, Nate's latest round of soul-searching made me want to wring his neck. "I hope this means that he's going to die from that brain thing," I told a friend. That's the only thing that could make his ongoing uncertainty interesting.

And so tonight he slept with the Quaker chick and apparently dropped dead. No scenes from the next episode...why? Because he's dead or because he isn't.

Oh, if he's NOT dead, and this was just a tease--there will be hell to pay.


j said...

Maybe the past season has been one long dream. Hey, there's a clever idea. Nate's not dead; he's taking a shower.

Betsy said...

If he's dead, is there any reason to keep watching?

Jennifer Westfield said...

I hope that ole skeazer is dead. You're right about that being the only justification for the flat first couple of episodes. I'm disappointed still, though, because if Nate's dead then that means Darnell can't die in a heinous parking garage car accident. I don't know who irritates me more, he or Nate. Unrelated point: I got the house on Mamie Street!!