The New York Times Book Review: Two word review

I don't know what I'm eating lately that makes me remember my idiotic dreams, but here's another one.

The other night I dreamt that an editor from the Times Book Review called (clearly it was a dream, since no one calls anyone anymore) to ask if I would be interested in reviewing something for them. I was flattered and excited, even though the book seemed an odd choice for them and me. "How many words would you like?" I asked.

"Two," the editor said.

Thinking it was a joke, I asked again.

"Two. That's all we have room for. Do you want to do it or not?"

Of course, I accepted the assignment on the spot.

Since then, I've been considering the idea of two word reviews and the range of critical response they might contain.
Love it. Good stuff. So what? Pure trash. Near miss. Well said. Piss off.Tepid dreck.

any others...?


Betsy said…
Not bad. Not good. Particularly uninspired. Thoroughly brilliant.
I like the idea of a two-word review if only to see how people would spin a bad one into something good. Seems to me like if this were the case, "... good" would be pretty revealing.
j said…
Utter tripe.
Utterly trite.
Outstandingly dull.
Duly outstanding.
Case said…
There's better.
Seen worse.
Makes sense.
Has issues.
Fought bravely.
Might score.
No chance.
Anonymous said…
don't bother. time waster. beyond brilliant.

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