I Dream of Java

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Brando's best friend in NYC was Java, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Once, when I returned to NYC for a memorial, I ran into Java on the street and he rubbed his face up and down both my pant legs, like a letter he was writing for me to take back home.

Lately, I've been having dreams of him. I had one that we met him hiking in the woods, and last night I dreamt that his owner gave him to me to bring back to Brando.

What does it all mean???


Elizabeth Crane said…
So sweet. I think this is a question for The Bonar Blog.
case said…
I always look to the Popol Vuh (or Pop Wuj as I was originally instructed)

Then the lord said to them:
"Sacrifice my dog, then bring him back to life again," they were told
"Yes," they said.
When they sacrificed the dog
he then came back to life.
And that dog was really happy
when he came back to life.
Back and forth he wagged his tail
when he came back to life.
And the lord said to them:
"Well, you have yet to set my home on fire."
kfoz said…
Case...come back to us.
pragya said…
See chapter 4, "Intepretation of Dreams." A sister dreams of the death of her nephew and feels no grief. She's riddled with guilt. If dreams are wishes fulfilled, has she wished for the death of her sister's son? Freud explains that it is infact not a death wish, but a return to a place of love. The death of her nephew (an actual one which occurred and in which she was present) is repeated in the dream and provides the occasion to meet her former love. If Brando's friend could be brought back him, like New York to New Orleans, well then...
Case said…
Dude, Ken, that quote is hella relevant.
megan said…
There's a Ridgeback waiting for you somewhere.

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