Check out these amazing shots from our Lilly the Deer project

This weekend I'll be working on the text for our Lilly the Deer book project, so I thought I'd send out these preview images from my project partner, photographer Traer Scott.  Lilly and her family are pretty private folks, so we weren't sure how things would work out once we got there.  Would she be camera shy?  Or bored? Lilly and Traer quickly bonded, and I was left on the sidelines.  Story of my life. But look at these great photos--just a hint at what was captured over a weekend last month.  (And if you'd like to own a limited edition signed archival print, they are available with a $250 donation to our project.)  

At one point, we decided to open a window and see what Lilly thought of looking out from the safety of her house: 

Lilly is gorgeous, and her story is moving.  I hope I can do it justice with my prose.  

We're still a little short of our budget as we get ready to go to press, so if you'd like to make a donation--even a small one--it will help us print up the complimentary copies we'll be distributing at the end of the month.  We also have some awesome rewards for donations, including an acknowledgement in the book if you donate by Monday October 6th via our Fundly page. 




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