Yes, the healthcare marketplace works

For the past year, I've been without health insurance.  As someone with a pre-existing condition, this isn't a surprise.  I used to be covered by an employer, who paid part of my costs as a benefit.  But then my hours were reduced in order to avoid having to pay benefits, and my policy cost me $590.00 a month.  Then, after 18 months, my Cobra ran out and I became uninsurable.

I have a pacemaker, which is the main reason I'm uninsurable although, if you think about, having a pacemaker already implanted should make more a better risk, because very little can possibly happen to me know.  But I do get checked by a cardiologist regularly, or I did, before my insurance ran out.  My treatment at the cardiologist wasn't extensive, but they kept track of my heart's improving health, and if it hadn't been improving, they would have been able to do some preventative work to avoid a catastrophe.  Without insurance, I can't afford that preventive care, so the likelihood of an episode rises, and if I were to end up in the ER, my bill, which I wouldn't be able to pay, would be passed on to you.
Some people would prefer that I didn't get preventive care, because the idea is somehow threatening, or maybe it is because they feel healthcare is only for a particular class of people that they imagine they belong to.

Because of my situation, I've been anxiously waiting for the ACA marketplace to open up and allow me to pay for my own preventive care.  There were some glitches, but for the past month I've had a policy in place which will take effect January 1st.  Unless the witches have their way.

So, I'm still trying to figure out what is so awful that people want to stop me from being able to pay for my own insurance?  And I also wanted to let anyone who reads this know that what you've been hearing on the news about the impossibility of signing up just isn't true anymore.  The news, as always, is about a month behind and not completely accurate at that.  Also, you don't have to use the marketplace; you can sign up directly with an insurance provider and bypass the website and call center (although then you miss out on being able to compare all the plans.)  So do it, okay?


Mauigirl said…
Glad you are now able to be insured!

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