Happy Birthday!

In New Orleans, the tradition is to pin money to the shirt of anyone celebrating a birthday, so by the end of the day, they are walking around with a cash corsage.  Having a September 2nd birthday, I usually let it come and go without paying much attention or crossing anyone's path.  It's often the first day of school, or Labor Day or we're evacuating for a hurricane.  But a few people have asked if I'm accepting gifts this year and the truth is...I could use some cash.  Specifically, I could use some cash for my kenneling bill.  The past two months I've been unexpectedly unemployed, but had already committed to promote I'm a Good Dog and work with pit bull organizations and shelters around the country.  So expenses have been up, but income down.  So, while any birthday wish is welcome, you may also donate a few dollars toward this expense if you are so inclined.  Either are deeply appreciated.


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