"Feral Children"

Here's another of the new stories from the ebook edition of The Kind I'm Likely to Get : A Collection. I wrote this some years ago, when a friend said something like, "You should write a story about your dogs but make them human."  I'm certain that he meant something entirely different from what came out.  So here's a story about a man who adopts two feral children and then finds his community threatening ban them after one of them bites.  Yet, as strange as the story may be, it is also one of my most well received: it was published in Fence magazine, short-listed in The Best American Non-Required Reading and earned me a fellowship from the Louisiana Division of the Arts.  The reader here is Alan Williams, and his accent is fantastic!  


Anonymous said…
It was a pleasure reading, and an interesting story.

The accent is 100% Hampshire, U.K, by the way.

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