The Kind I'm Likely to Get video project

Earlier this summer, my short story collection The Kind I'm Likely to Get was reissued as an ebook with some extra bonus stories included. The release was a bit of an experiment for me and for Trajectory, the ebook publisher, who previously has only worked with illustrated children's books and graphic novels such as the old, wonderful Classics Illustrated, which they have also reissued as ebooks. It took a little longer than expected to roll out the new/old book across all the distribution channels, but it is now available "everywhere": iBooks, Kobo, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

We were tossing around ideas for reintroducing the book to the online market, and the obvious solution was to create some videos of me reading from the book.

But this immediately struck me as rather ordinary. Wouldn't it be more interesting to have other people reading the stories? The more I thought about it, the more I loved this idea of coaxing people into taping their own interpretations of the stories and posting them to YouTube. They inevitably would read, and emphasize, the stories and language in a different way than I would, particularly since I've been reading from some of the stories for almost 15 years.

I'm hoping some of you are hammy enough to consider joining me on this. You don't have to be a pro (I'm certainly not). Here's my video plea for help:


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