10 week online writing workshop starts September 3rd

Earlier this summer I put together an eight week workshop. It was the first time I'd taught online in quite a while, and the first time I'd ever taught online "on my own," meaning without an affiliation that dictated the format and platform I'd be using. There are quite a number of online teaching platforms available--and many of them suck. But I've found one that I really like: Ruzuku. So I'll be doing another ten week course beginning September 3rd. Some of my previous students have already signed up, which is great, but there are also some spots for new people. You can learn more here. `

Ken is a gifted instructor and his talent for engaging students shines throughout his course. 

"Taking Ken's class was the single best thing I have ever done to improve my writing. I feel my technical skills and my ability to select subject matter improves on a weekly basis." 

"Ken is remarkably patient and very human, bringing out the best in his students, both as writers and critics. At the end of the class every one us wanted to continue studying with him." 

"Ken is a thoughtful, engaged instructor who reads work with an eye towards quality." 

"Ken taught me how to analyze and edit my work so I can produce powerful, polished pieces." 

"I loved Ken's workshop. When I finished the class, I felt good about what I'd accomplished and excited to continue writing." 

"Ken is a wonderful teacher. He gave each student thoughtful and useful feedback that inspired confidence. He understands the craft of writing and has the skills to teach it." 

"Ken gave thought-provoking assignments and critiques and kept up with our questions on the message boards. He has a great deal to offer as an instructorand is sensitive to his students' needs and abilities." -- B. Lynn Goodwin


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