More of the Kind I'm Likely to Get

It's been two months since the ebook edition of The Kind I'm Likely to Get : A Collection showed up on Amazon, and we're still waiting for Nook and iBooks to upload the book to their catalogs.  But  Water Street Press has a great review on their site, with Lynn Vannucci doing exactly what I did in putting the book back together: appreciating a visit to the old stories, first published in 1999, and finding new something more to chew on in the four additional stories and notes that I've added:
"There are many bonuses in the e-edition—a new foreword by the author, notes on the writer’s process that readers and, especially, students of writing, will appreciate. There are also four brand new stories in the e-book, and these were what this original fan found to be the best treat of all...The new stories in The Kind I’m Likely to Get are, happily, all about animals. Happily because Ken writes passionately about animals. The last line of the story “Albino”, about a missing Doberman, is so desperately graceful it left me gasping for air. “Feral Children” imagines a world in which children are pets; it will jolt you and haunt you the way only a really tidy and matter-of-fact horror story can—“The Lottery," for example."


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