Waking up in Memphis

Yesterday I sent the dogs off to Canine Connection and boarded Amtrak for an eight hour train ride to Memphis. I love riding the train, but it was my first time on this stretch of track, and boy, was it bumpy. As one passenger observed, if we had been on a plane, we wouldn't have been allowed out of our seats the whole time. But it beat driving.

I went straight to bed and woke this morning just in time to frantically iron, shower and change for three TV interviews on Memphis morning shows. In the midst of all that, I discovered a pair of underwear on the closet floor of my hotel room, which lead to one of my most popular recent posts of Facebook. (Yeah, its come to that.)

Tonight I'll be at the Booksellers at Laurelwood from 6-7, then in the morning I board a bus to Knoxville, where I'll get to catch up with T Cooper and his family before doing a Saturday afternoon signing at Union Avenue Books. Then I drive to Louisville, where I'll be signing Sunday at 4pm at Carmichael's. And then I fly home. I'm hoping to find some brief boat ride to make the trip complete.

In the midst of all this, I'm a Good Dog has hit the Southern Indie Bestseller list at #14. Since this was based on sales during the previous weeks, when I was doing no promotion at all, I'm really not sure how it happened. But who cares how? Congratulations to pit bulls!


Kristen said…
I am really looking forward to your stop at Union Ave Books in Knoxville! See you soon, Mr. Foster!
Michael R said…
"Heard" you on the news at lunch and hoping to make it out to see you in Memphis tonight! I'll pick your book up even if I don't!

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