Rainn Wilson on "I'm a Good Dog"

“This is a brilliant bible of the glorious, gorgeous terriers.”
—Rainn Wilson, star of The Office

A few weeks ago, Rainn Wilson, who apparently has three pit bulls along with a wife and child, tweeted about my new book, I'm a Good Dog. I might have completely missed this, except that someone at Penguin discovered it within minutes and sent it to my publicist, who sent it to me. And, of course, I thought, "Well, if I'd known he had pit bulls I would have asked him to be in the book!"

Early on (in the very brief process of constructing the book), my publisher had hoped we could include a number of high profile pit bull owners, because they thought it would help sell the book. And there are quite a few owners to pick from: baseball players, Broadway stars, radio personalities. But many of them are already active in promoting animal rescue, and a few were advised, unfortunately, to limit their public pit bull activities. In the end, the only living "celebrity" in the book is the wonderful Bernadette Peters, who also is the godmother to Butley, another of the dogs in the book.

While my publisher may have been initially disappointed at the lack of celebrity, I think in the end it made a better book, because the owners and advocates featured represent the majority of dog owners--just regular people. And our sales seem to be doing just fine--already in a second printing.


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