Just three days left to get one of these terrific shirts

This "official" tour shirt, featuring Doug and I, is so ridiculous, I love it. Even Doug gets a kick out of them. And they make the perfect reward for people who have been sponsoring my tour with donations via Kickstarter, where my "North American Tour" fundraiser has just three days to go. I've been really stunned at the support people have offered. And I've also been adding more dates and cities to the tour, so while my original goal has been surpassed, I'm really hoping to end this campaign with at least $4000 pledged. The whole idea of a "North American" tour is a bit of a joke, since there are no plans for a South American or European tour. (And, as of yet, there is also nothing planned for Canada.) In addition to the shirt, you can get signed copies of my books, dog kisses and other rewards. No donation is too small!

Here's one of the original photos that Alison Bechdel used to create the image:


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