Book tour financing 101

One of my old professors said that publishing a new book was like running for office; you have to go out and shake every hand. While the publishing industry relies more on online presence these days, I still believe that the best way to let people know about a new project is to go on the road. But, no one pays for tours any more, and certainly not large ones. Book sales certainly don't cover it. Add to that all the additional costs: lost income from taking off from work, kenneling dogs, renting cars, etc. It gets pretty pricey. So I'm trying a little experiment with Kickstarter. Individuals can donate tour my tour budget, and in return they get to choose from some great rewards, including signed books and a special "Ken and Doug" shirt with art by Alison Bechdel.

Am I crazy? Or could this work?


Anonymous said…
Love the idea. You have my pledge. But I want a Florida stop - preferably Gainesville or Tampa. This book is perfect for the Gainesville crowd. Volta Cafe is calling. - TK

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