Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Obviously, my vow to blog again didn't quite take hold

Twitter and Facebook continue to keep me from my once very active blogsite, because, after all, why try to form fully realized thoughts and paragraphs when you can just link and blurt in 140 characters?

But tonight up doing laundry and heading to--well never mind where I'm heading to. But it made me think, I really should try to get back to the blogging habit. Blogging actually seemed to help me get around to more serious writing, and as I'm now working on another manuscript, it seems like this will be good practice again for keeping that tiny section of my brain working.

On Sunday, the 24th, Season Two of TREME begins on HBO. I know a lot of people had mixed feelings about Season One. I liked it at the time, but my feelings faded after the season concluded. Season Two covers some events that I was a part of in "real life" so the past few months I've been on the phone with fact checkers wanting to get everything right--or at least wanting to seem that they want to get everything right. This past Sunday I got to see the first two episodes of the new season and I have to say--its pretty great. It feels looser than last season, and has so much more humor, even as it moves into one of the grimmest periods of the recovery, including the murders of Dinneral Shavers and Helen Hill.

And here's another reason to start blogging again--I just passed the one year mark of my horrendous week in the Tulane Hospital. There is hope.

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Judy in Tallahassee said...

Glad to read your blog, Ken, and know things are fine on your end. I was getting concerned (don't use Twitter and only get on Facebook now/then).