Top ten funniest things about the "Race Realists" who have been contacting me (a work in progress)

1. They think their anonymous email addresses are actually anonymous.
2. They think that by threatening me with violence, they are making an effective case for proving that white people are the less violent race.
3. They insist on using free speech to defend themselves while telling me I have no right to speak.
4. They question statistics of crime worldwide, but use statistics to support their claims when the numbers are in their favor.
5. Another variation on the numbers game: they claim all foreign stats are questionable, but all US stats are accurate. Now, that's really funny!
6. They say that I deserved to be attacked for living in my neighborhood, but ignore the fact that the attack took place somewhere else. (But ignoring facts is their life's mission).
7. When sending their not-really-anonymous emails, they always put something about dogs in the subject line, because they want to make sure I open their threats.
8. They smugly tell me that I'm smug.
9. They assume that procreation is essential my identity as well as their own.


Anthony said…
10. They probably believe Jesus Christ was a white man.
Lou Lou Bug said…
For some reason, people need to find something to be angry and argumentative about. Ignore the hurtful and unintelligent ways of the "race realists".

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