Is it time for school to start already?

I continue to promise more frequent postings here, but I've been so busy trying to get a few things done before the end of the summer that I haven't had time to think--and I hate to post things without thinking. So, what have I been up to? Trying to work on a book proposal that is outlined by the major events of my past three years--yet with three deaths, one near death, a mugging, a skin graft, several murders, a shooting, and a few other crisis, it is a struggle to keep it from becoming melodramatic.

I've also written a few short pieces, including one coming up in Best Friends magazine and another for And I don't know that there could be two more different pieces of writing.

And, of course, I've been up to my ears in dogs, including Bonnie, who came from a dogfighting bust in Tallahassee and appears to be blind from either a blow to the head, or early disease. You can watch her playing with Zephyr (sort of) below:


mteacup said…
God, she's sweet! Love her but apparently Zephyr is not so sure :-)
Anonymous said…
Good to see Zephyr. She looks great and still enjoys going under the house (or in the Tally days under the deck). Bonnie seems to be a happy girl.

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