Don't worry, I'm alive, just busy

Over a month has passed since my last post, but it is not because I am dead.

I taught summer school for two weeks at NOCCA, with 28 students from 7th through 11th grades and my co-teacher was Henry "Simply" Griffin, and old friend who also happens to be an actor (and character) on Treme. Class started at 9am and ran until 2:30, so there wasn't much time to do anything else. Then, as soon as that was done, I was off to Michigan for my nephew's graduation and a few other bits of family business.

And, on weekends, I continued househunting, for a little getaway/evacuation location out of town. I've been to Vicksburg, Tylertown, Natchez, Bogalusa, Gloster, Centreville. But what am I looking for? Something far enough to be safe from a hurricane. Something close enough to be a weekend retreat. Something nice enough that it doesn't require work to move in. Something rustic enough that it fits my budget. Needless to say, I haven't found the right place yet. Or maybe I have, but the owners are holding out for more than I'm willing to pay. I keep thinking back to the advice given in Howards End: you set your market and you set your price.

Also, I'm working on a book proposal: another memoir. And writing some essays, including a piece that will be out in August for Best Friends Magazine.

Remind me to tell you the latest news about my heart...


Diana Furness said…
I hope we will something soon. Hopr the dogs and you are all okay.

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