It has been a month since Sula passed. Hard to believe. I've been keeping busy, looking for an evacuation home, writing, and looking after Brando, Zephyr and Doug, who are all having a hard time without Sula. Their grief has been, somehow, a surprise.  

I've also been working on several projects to commemorate Sula. The first of these is the gorgeous Sula collar that was launched yesterday by Paco Collars.  Paco collars create exquisite, hand-crafted leather leads, collars and leashes.  "The Sula" features a diamond pattern modeled after our Sula's white diamond marking on the back of her neck.  A portion of all sales of the collar will be donated to The Sula Foundation, and through June 7th, 20% will be coming our way.  Check out "The Sula" and other collars at their website; they may be a little more than you are used to spending, but they are worth every penny. 


Its so nice to see you are doing something to commemorate your sweet girl. I wish we had the money to spend on a new collar for my three beasts.
Anonymous said…
Brought myself to the far corner of Barnes & Noble last night for the first time in almost a year—the pet section. The spot where I loaded up on books about canine cancer and pet diets to try to help my golden retriever last summer. Had no idea I’d get so upset to return to that spot now; he has been gone for 10 month...s and we lost his dog sister in January. I could not stay long, but stayed long enough to get a copy of “The Dogs Who Found Me”. Wasn't looking for it, it found me. I read it in one sitting last night. Thank you.

Melissa (Shady's Mom)

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