House hunting

I've been house hunting, which is always exhausting, but possibly more so when you are hunting for a possible second home. This sounds so extravagant but the purpose is to have a place to evacuate to with my dogs (and Sula Foundation foster dogs) during hurricane season. We were incredibly lucky last year with no evacuation required, but eventually our luck will run out and we'll have to duck out of town for a few days until the storm has passed.

Of course, I wouldn't even be able to think of shopping for a house if not for the fact that we just sold my parents' house in Pennsylvania, so I have "real estate money" that I'm rolling over into more real estate. I'd love to leave my current property in the Holy Cross neighborhood, but there are a few problems: one is that I probably couldn't sell it; the other is that I'd hate to give up the double lot. For a while I did some looking around New Orleans for a fixer upper, thinking that I might eventually move into something else in the Bywater or Seventh Ward. And I made an offer on a HUGE house at 1555 N. Miro, which was 4200sf but filled with great historic details. Unfortunately, the inspections found that it was also filled with active termites, and illegal sub-code plumbing and wiring, all of which would need to be torn out. The current owners have had the place for seven years without treating it for termites, and the work they did on the property was not only incomplete, it was also completely incompetent. It is a tragedy for the house.

Last week I traveled up to Tylertown and Vicksburg, and later this week I'll check out Natchez. So far, I can't seem to make up my mind between a relatively rustic, secluded property or something larger, nicer and possibly rentable when I'm not around.


Anonymous said…
You mean you don't want to share your home with the homeless termites?! Hah, I don't blame you...

Good luck with the house-hunting. Good thinking, though, with your past with hurricanes, etc. I'm attempting to convince my parents into helping me with the purchase of a house. It's hard to rent with so many animal-children! And, of course, I'd really like to add a foster dog into the mix.

Happy hunting and hug those dogs for me!

-Emily Glickman (and company!)
denise lanier said…
Have you considered that the 2nd house might be used as a writing residency/retreat? You might create a residency where writers/artists gain space and time to write in exchange for walking, feeding, socializing with a couple foster dogs. Maybe someone would stay there annually - changing out each year? - to provide consistency to the foster dogs and oversee general caretaking and the revolving residencies. You'd qualify for non-profit status and grants. And, of course, have room for yourselves and the extra pups to evacuate to when needed. Personally, I'd apply for that kind of dog-joy-filled residency in a heartbeat!
kfoz said…
In fact, I have been considering that!

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