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Early this week, my dog Sula passed away.  This is the kind of thing for which you can never prepare yourself; I wake up every day to find a blank spot in my daily routine.  The house is too quiet.  The other dogs don't know what to do. 

I know that Sula meant a lot to other people too, which is why I am sharing this news publicly (in an essay at, while at the same time mourning privately.  At some point in the future, we will have an event to celebrate her life and her legacy. 

Sula's arrival
Sula discovery
Sula showed up on St. Patrick's Day in 2004.  In the past six years: she has been the subject of a memoir and numerous news features and essays; she has appeared on television interviews in New Orleans, Gulfport, and Memphis.  She was a guest at the St. Louis Film Festival and discussed on NPR's Fresh Air.  Her image was plastered on large posters all around the city of Los Angeles.  Her story has been translated into Turkish and Japanese.  She had a very full life and helped to save the lives of countless other pit bulls around the country and the world.

More than that, I loved her and she loved me.  And I miss her.

We have already begun to receive donations in her name, which will go toward paying medical bills for other stray pit bulls; donations can be made by PayPal to or by mail.  But we also know that Sula would also be honored if you chose to give something to your own local pit-friendly rescue, in her name.  Or by volunteering a few extra hours at a local shelter, and thinking of her while you are there. 


Ken Foster
The Sula Foundation
PO Box 3780
New Orleans, LA 70117

The Sula Foundation is a 501c3 public charity.


lvena said…
Ken, I'm so sad for your loss. I hope you know that you are an inspiration to all us pit bull rescuers and lovers (and New Orleans writers, too!). Thank you, thank you, and all best to you!

Courtney said…
Ken - I'm so sorry to hear this news. My heart goes out to you, Brando & Z. Sending you much love, Courtney, Bodhisan & Schnika
Courtney said…
Ken, I am so sorry to hear this news. My heart goes out to you, Brando and Z. Her spirit lives on in all of you. Sending you much love,
Courtney, Bodhi & Schnicka
NYCKitten said…
That's what I always say I miss most about my old girl: she loved me and I loved her. It was simple... and now it's gone. Sending you another hug.

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