Brando begins therapy

Brando continues to get older, in spite of all my efforts. In fact, we'll be celebrating nine years together in January. But being a large dog with tall legs, he's started to have issues with his joints. In "Dogs I Have Met" I wrote about the success we had with Adequan injections. But three years later, we're augmenting that with some other therapies, including acupuncture and the use of an underwater treadmill (at Dag's House.)

In this video, Brando begins his first treadmill session. Remarkably, he got into the tank on his own, had no concerns as the water rose from the bottom and surrounded him, and hesitated only for a second when the treadmill began to roll. Still, you can see the look on his face which seems to be asking "Why?"

In the next clip, we get a side view, which looks a little like something from a science fiction movie. But you can also see how much range of motion he has while underwater. The idea is to maintain and redevelop atrophied muscles, so that the effects of the deteriorated joints will not be as severe.


NYCKitten said…
Hydrotherapy is the only thing that helped my large mix when her joints/discs/everything spine gave her troubles. I have complete faith the water will help Sir Brando.

I am putting my 14yr old Lab/Pit mix Juno down tomorrow...old age. But I got 13.5 years with her and one more Thanksgiving out of her old, failing body. Hug your babies Ken, it's just never, ever, ever enough time hear on earth. As I stay awake surfing the net - hoping to avoid tomorrow as long as I can- I ask you send her a prayer/positive energy/whatever works our way.

It's never enough time, this I have learned...from the proud mama of one of NYC's finest mutts around.
Allie said…
Oh NYC Kitten - so sorry to hear you have to put your dog down.

The hydrotherapy looks awesome! I hope you get great results! We used to run our dogs on the treadmill at home, but they both seemed to think it was bathroom time, even though they are both completely housebroken and would never go inside otherwise. But that's totally different from a place that is set up to handle animals on the treadmill.
Coach Sara said…
Hi Ken, I'm a friend of Kathleen Warnock's and I also volunteer at the BARC shelter. Good luck with Brando! - Sara H.
kfoz said…
Say hello to everyone at BARC. That's where my little Brando came from!!
kfoz said…
Say hello to everyone at BARC. That's where my little Brando came from!!

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