Sarah Vowell, New Orleans Film Festival, and a busy busy October

I keep meaning to find the time to write interesting posts on here. I really do. But my schedule has been so nuts that there's no time for it. None at all.

For example, last Friday my old classmate Meghan Daum came to town and visited my NOCCA students for a master class in the afternoon. That evening I ran uptown to a party hosted by Tom Beller for Meghan and others participating in a symposium on the personal essay. Also there: Phillip Lopate, Jonathan Ames, and many friends and colleagues. I ended up staying quite a bit later than I intended. I spent the next day working The Sula Foundation's vaccination clinic, where we had over 30 dogs come for low-cost shots, and signed up about ten for free spay/neuter.

Something happened Sunday, but I don't know what. Oh, I spent most of the say working on the pit bull calendar for 2010. Then, Monday and Tuesday, I switched my workout schedule so I'd have time later in the week, because last night was the kickoff for the New Orleans Film Festival, which runs for the next seven days, and today we have a visit from Sarah Vowell, who will also be speaking tonight at 8pm at NOCCA.

And yesterday, movers arrived at my parents' former house in PA to load up the things I'm taking. Now that seems very strange. I'll be living in a house with furniture and art from my childhood. Something to write about, when I get the time.


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