Nearly 400 dogs seized in fighting ring

Nearly 400 dogs have been seized in a fighting ring in Missouri, Iowa and Illinois. This story broke earlier this week, and it seems the perfect topic to relaunch my blogging on a regular basis. This is the largest dog bust in US history--and the arrested individuals include a registered nurse, an employee of a school for the handicapped and a public school employee. In a way, this is great news--because it dispels the notion that dogfighters are only a "certain kind of person" or that it is limited to "urban" environments. There's no telling how long it will take for the trial to run its course. The dogs, meanwhile, will be held as evidence. PETA, of course, has come out with a statement urging that all of the dogs be euthanized without evaluation. But they will be evaluated. And they will try to find responsible organizations to take those we evaluate well. But I'm afraid that with that many dogs, it will be hard to find placement for all of them.

The Sula Foundation has already decided that when the time comes, we will take one or two dogs. Why, when there are so many dogs that we cannot take? Because the dogs deserve a chance, and up til now they haven't had one. And because saving a few of them will also offer the chance to educate people regarding the nature of dogs, and the nature of dogfighting. (And then, too, there is the example of Katrina, when many of these same organizations came together to save our New Orleans dogs.)

More important, The Humane Society of Missouri needs donations to help keep the dogs comfortable while they await their fate. Donations of sheets, towels, blankets, shredded newspapers and sturdy toys to its St. Louis headquarters, as well as donations to its fund for investigating animal cruelty. 1201 Macklind Avenue St. Louis, MO 63110

Here are some links to news of the bust:

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(with links to donate and more news links)


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