Friday, June 26, 2009

The new dog in the house

Okay, so Buddy is still here. Brando loves him and spends a good part of each day carefully kissing and grooming him. Sula likes to chase him around the yard. And Zephyr is happy to have anyone around. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I like him too. Here's a short video I took yesterday with a new Flip camera.


MHaus said...

I love the new HD Flip. Picture looks great.

Sounds like Buddy may have found his forever home.

Just one question ... what it that annoying sound at the beginning and end of the video? Some sort of bird?

kfoz said...

Actually this is the regular, non-HD flip. And it still looks pretty good!

The sound is the sound of cicadas--insects so loud you can hear them from inside your house.

MHaus said...

I bought the original Flip -- yours has a much better picture.

A bug that makes that must noise must be HUGE -- I'll stay in Minnesota with our swarms of mosquitoes (the unofficial state bird).

Rachel said...

Are you thinking of keeping him indefinitely?