The High Cost of Breed Discriminatory Legislation

Last week, our friends at Best Friends launched a new campaign and a new tool to fight misguided breed specific legislation. The highlight is a link to an online database that provides charts, graphs, and figures regarding how much it would cost to enforce a pit bull ban in your city.

New Orleans comes in at 750,000 dollars a year, but I think that estimate is low. Other cities: NYC would cost nearly 13 million annually; even Abbeville, AL comes in at over $4,000 for less than 3000 residents. Wouldn't this money be more useful if it was spent enforcing existing laws regarding responsible pet ownership? And maybe even some education? about free spay/neuter service?

You can check out the online calculator here.


joanna said…
For some reason, society thinks banning something makes it go now, you would think we would have learned otherwise.

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