How many times have you been asked: “What kind of dog is that?”

Now you can answer.

With the Canine Heritage DNA test, your mixed breed is scientifically identified against over 100 breeds. The test retails for $120.00, but through a special arrangement, The Sula Foundation is offering the test for $99.95, with 25% of the proceeds going to support the Sula Foundation’s medical fund for treating stray pit bulls and supporting free spay/neuter services and low-cost vaccination clinics. The test kits are available beginning March 20th at Canine Culture and Canine Connection, and also at these upcoming “Swab-a-thon” events:

Saturday March 21st, Bywater “Barkmarket” 9am-4pm

Sunday March 29th, Dog Day Afternoon, City Park

Saturday April 4th, Freret Market

For more information, contact or go to


kfoz said…
Last night I swabbed Mr. Brando, while he lay immobile on my bed, staring at me like I'd completely lost my mind this time. Results will be back in about a month.

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