My Mardi Gras Houseguest

This is Buddy, and as you can see, he's sort of a pit bull, but really not. Still, he looks enough like what some people think a pit bull is that his chances are pretty much shot if he ever ends up in a shelter (or a North Carolina court room, but that's another story.) He was found just after the last evacuation in September, and for six months he was being fostered with another rambunctious dog and a very bossy cat. But time ran out at that home, so last Tuesday he moved in with me and my three completely intolerant dogs. But, it turns out Buddy is so agreeable that even my grumpy dogs don't mind having him around. The biggest problem has been my inability to shake the idea that I'm walking around the neighborhood with a Dr. Suess drawing on a leash.

In an effort to find him a home, I took him all over yesterday: to the Bywater Art Market, to a couple of cafes, etc. It was surprising to see how new this experience was to him. He's never been around that many people at once, but when he realized that everyone wanted to pet him and sneak him french fries, he decided it was quite good. This morning I even took him by the dog park, where he played for a long time with several different dogs before coming home good and tired.

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Awwhh he's a cutie. great to hear he's getting along with your doggies too.
Good luck with finding a home for him. :)
Anonymous said…
Okay, I know it's just me, but he looks like a pit/pit-mix, at least with the blocky head. Is he too leggy? Not deep-chested? He sounds very sweet; good with dogs and cats!
lisa in tlh said…
Good Luck Buddy!
2beemo said…
I think Buddy needs a sillier name! He looks like such a goofball & is SO cute. Fingers & paws crossed so he finds an awesome home soon.
Ken said…
Yes, he's pitty, but really tall and gangly, with a teeny little waist.

And so much fun!!

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