Political animals

I'm up early this morning, which isn't unusual, but in this case, I have to be functional. So at 4:50am, I'm not just typing a blog post. I've already walked and fed the dogs, and soon I'll be in the shower so that I can head out to Metairie for a 5:50am call to appear on the Hot Topics segment of the morning news on ABC 26. We'll be discussing the mayor's recent budget veto, and his insistence on slashing the budgets for the DA, the public defenders office, the school district's after school programs, the city's recreation office, and so on. Oh, and he wants to reduce the size of the police force, too. We'll also be discussing plans for a citywide "Strike Against Crime" on January 9th, to coincide with the two year anniversary of our march to city hall. You can read more about the "strike" at the SilenceIsViolence.org website.

Then, later tonight, I'll be at Canine Culture for a winetasting and art sale, from 5-8pm. This is what the week has been like, alternating back and forth between the political and the animal. For example, Monday night I went to a 10:10 show of Milk (way past my bedtime, and actually not that great a film) and then, on my way home, found a beautiful female pit bull who had been struck by a hit and run driver. I sat with her, uncertain if she was dead, and then petted her head a few times before closing her eyes.

The next morning, I got a call from WWL-TV requesting an interview about the strike idea. So I jumped into the shower, got dressed, and grabbed a few garbage bags on the way out the door because I knew I'd be passing the dead dog again. I wrapped her up, lifted her carefully into the car and got to my interview just a few minutes late. When the journalist went to shake my hand I said, "You probably don't want to do that." They all thought I was joking, so I explained that I had just lifted a dead pit bull from the side of the road. "Someone had to do it," I explained as I went to wash my hands. Yes, they thought I was crazy.

That interview can be found here.

Then it was back to the car, to drop the poor unnamed dog off at a vet uptown. She was in heat, it was clear, and that obviously had something to do with why she was running in the street.

And then it was on to work.


Anonymous said…
Again...heartbreaking. And again, thanks for being there for the forgotten ones.
The Brat Pack said…
Thank you for taking the time to comfort her and give her dignity in death.


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