Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Foxy Brown

Two weeks ago I got a call from a Sula Foundation volunteer, who had been followed home by a female pit bull that her own dog was not interested in having as a guest. We arranged to have her vaccinated and boarded, but there was concern that she might have ringworm, so suddenly no one would board her. Off she went to Metairie Small Animal Hospital, where we stayed for a week before I got the call that there was nothing wrong with her. By then it was the day before Thanksgiving, so today I went to pick up "Lady Foster" and immediately changed her name to Foxy Brown. This photo doesn't do justice to her coloring, which is a faintly brindled copper shade. Unlike anything I've seen before.

Her bill so far is nearly $500--and she hasn't been spayed yet. And she's heartworm negative, thank goodness. If you want to help out, you can send a donation to the Sula Foundation, or buy our fancy calendar.

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