More puppies!

The population of unwanted pit bulls, even the the puppy form, shows no sign of slowing down. Meet Roseanne and her sister Lucinda, abandoned in a backyard at about seven weeks old. They're in the midst of getting their vaccinations and will eventually be up for adoption via The Sula Foundation. Speaking of Sula, I was in Whitney Bank yesterday, waiting in line to make a deposit into the Sula account to cover heartworm treatments for some of our rescued pits, and overheard the bank manager talking to the security guard in her glass-walled office. "I don't trust anyone's pit bull," she said. Of course, I immediately began to eavesdrop. The security guard noticed me eavesdropping and asked if I needed something, so I stuck my head in and said, "Did I hear someone say something about pit bulls?" The was a pause and then the manager said, "No." "Oh," I said, "I thought I heard someone say something about pit bulls." "No," she said, "we were just talking about animals in general." "Well, I work with pit bulls," I said, "so it got my attention." No one said anything else, and I excused myself, wondering if it was time to change banks.


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