Kaspar Hauser

This morning as I walked my own dogs through the lower Ninth, I came across a young man on a stoop with a blue pit bull puppy. "Do you want another one?" he asked. And then he proceeded to tell me the mysterious story of the dog we now call Kaspar Hauser. Since the power is still out, this man slept with his door ajar--and when he woke in the morning he found Kaspar curled up next to him in bed. He said he wanted to keep the dog, but knew he wouldn't be able to take proper care of him. He said he'd already had someone offer to buy him. I told him I'd take good care of the dog, but when I returned to fetch him, but the dog and the man were gone. I left a note offering a reward, and a few hours later he called me.

You can read about the real Kasper Hauser here.

If anyone would like to help with this influx of dogs, even small contributions are meaningful. More details at www.sulafoundation.org


shirley said…
thanks for helping with rescue and giving us a way to throw in a bit of monetary support for the endeavors.

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