Bandit: Relaxed, or just very proud of his neuter surgery?

Bandit, the enormous white pit bull that I found a few weeks ago, has been doing quite well in boarding at Zeus' Place. Here he is taking a nap with Hubig Pie and a few toys. He'll be moving in with Hubig and beginning heartworm treatment shortly. Meanwhile, Grover is finally moving into a new home as well, and he too will begin treatment for heartworms. Harold and Maude, the English bulldogs, had their spay/neuter done on Monday, and the doctor discovered that Maude had a hernia. You would have never guessed it from the way she grabbed the steering wheel from me on the way to the clinic. The puppies, too, are slowly making their way into homes. For more info on these dogs, you can go to The Sula Foundation.


Rachel said…
It sounds like things are all getting figured out. Good news to hear on the other side of the country.

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