Thursday, July 03, 2008

Remembering Vicki Hearne in the August issue of Bark

For the new "Summer Reading" issue of Bark, I contributed a feature on the work of Vicki Hearne, the poet-philospher-dogtrainer-author of Adam's Task, Bandit and Animal Happiness, all of which have recently been reissued by Skyhorse Publishing. Hearne is one of those names that follows me around, and I first heard of her many years ago, when Rene Steinke told me that she and her husband had considered sending their dog Coco to Vicki for boot camp. But they couldn't stand the idea of being apart from him. Later, it was Amy Hempel who mentioned her. Then, later again, Katharine Weber, who was so friendly with Hearne that she allowed Bandit, the "dangerous" pit bull, to come swimming with her kids. Donald McCaig was a long-time friend of Hearne as well. And Richard Maxwell too. There wasn't enough room to include everyone in the feature. But you can pick up a copy to read all about it--and a lot of other great summer dog features.

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