Could New Orleans lose it's only multi-screen cinema?

Apparently, the answer is absolutely not. An over eager employee posted a notice asking people to email the main office as a preemptive measure. But I just received word that there is no fear of any closing in their future.

Just for the record, here is my original post:

I just noticed a post on another site, in which a Canal Place employee asks "we'd like you to help us in making a preemptive strike in saving Canal Place Cinema. Please take a moment of your time to contact our home office and tell them how much you love us." Canal Place is the only multiplex in New Orleans and the only theater to show foreign and indie films. The only other movie theater in the city is the Prytania, an old fashioned single screen theater with an organ waiting off to the side of the stage. The rest of the theaters have shut down over the years, so for the most part, you need to get a car and drive to the suburbs.

The email address to write is


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