Monday, May 26, 2008

Pit bull ban in Ohio

I had been under the impression that Ohio was experiencing hard economic times, and perhaps even some crime issues. Apparently I've been misled, because the State Legislature there is planning to spend the taxpayers money on a pit bull ban rather than any kind of economic stimulus package. I'll be posting more details of the legislation and who to write to, but I want to make sure I've got all the information in place. If the ban takes effect, the dogs will be exterminated within 90 days and police will have the right to search the house of anyone who they suspect might have a pit bull. Aside from the insane diversion of the police force, the state will need to be ready to defend themselves in countless lawsuits. And no one will be any safer.


Anonymous said...

Hello! From one scared but highly motivated bully owner in Columbus,Ohio - thank you for bringing some attention to our plight.
We hope that this is just an attempt to get some publicity by the legislator.
"punish the breed, not the deed!"
PS- what are you doing in October? Care to make a trip to Columbus?!

tri2run said...

There is an alternate bill being considered in Ohio, that, although it still has it's own problems, would be preferable to the pit bull ban. HB 366 ( would remove pit bulls from the viscious dog list in the state and place more constraints on viscious and dangerous dogs of all breeds, not specifically pits.

kfoz said...

Unfortunately, it seems the specific pit bull language is now being tacked on to that bill after having been previously deleted.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

I (we - it's my pets' journal) posted on this recently. It is a terrible thing when animals are in danger of being destroyed over hype, hysteria or stupidity.

I am against SBL. Let me know if you learn anything more on this subject.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I own a Pitt Bull and i just want to say he is my pride and joy! why do they want to kill my dog? how would they feel if i would kill theirs? he is my child and i could never ask for a better one!!!Please help... what about the little dogs that bit and the big ones. NOT JUST PITT BULLS!!!!

Rachel said...

Reading stuff like this makes me sick. I realize I am a little late with this comment but punishing an entire breed of dogs based on the act of very few is unreasonable. On top of that most of the fear of pit bulls is a direct reaction to skewed media attention.

Plus, half the time people can't even tell a pit bull from many other breeds of dog. You would think that Ohio would spend their money on something useful.

Taylor Loves said...

These bans really bother me, but proper tracking of incidents and the relative ratio of Pit Bulls owns, vs attacks should show that it's only a small problem, not directly tied to the breed itself, but to bad owners in general. There should be laws, but not restriction on the breed because, like a lot of us out there, my sweet pit bull is the nicest dog - better than my two chihuahuas and NOT NEARLY as mean. They're all great though : )

There's a cute article on about sweet pit bulls - check it out

Not a bad site if you like social stuff