Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Where's Andre?

WRNO, a "local" Clear Channel talk radio station, recently announced some programming changes, including their acquisition of hideous Rush Limbaugh. They have renamed the station Rush Radio and plan to broadcast Rush's show four times a day, which means he'll have 12 out of 24 hours. Some of the local hosts had already been let go as part of this transition, but as of Monday, Andre Trevigne still had a slot from 9-11am. Andre was my neighbor on Piety Street and I've been on the show several times to talk about everything from crime to pit bulls.

Yesterday her show was "disappeared." Music played in its place, and radios were clicked off all across the city. People deleted the station from their presets. Still, I hoped that maybe there was another explanation. But this morning I spoke to someone at the station who confirmed that Andre was let go. A huge mistake. It is always frustrating to see local media dig its own grave by getting rid of the only thing they have going for them.

Andre and I are scheduled to be judges on Sunday at the LA-SPCA's Dog Day Afternoon, so hopefully we can all catch up with her there.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing this up Mr. Foster. I listened to Andre every day, enjoyed her shows above ALL others. I agree that it's a huge mistake that they let her go. I do hope that I'll be hearing her again soon!

Anonymous said...

We miss Andre. Such a huge mistake to take her away from us. She was the only reason I listened, she not only had true to life topics, but she told it like it was. She will be truly missed. As for as Rush, I will rush to find another station just to not hear his political mumbo jumbo.