Friday, April 11, 2008

Notes from the David Bonds trial, Part Two

The Sixth Ward
As I mentioned earlier, the defense claimed that David Bonds had no connection to the Sixth Ward, didn't attend school, and therefore wouldn't have been caught up in a turf war. During cross examination, Bonds testified that he was a drug dealer but that he never carried gun. He was dressed in a suit and his hair was nicely cut. Although he made gestures to the witnesses, he managed to avoid doing what I had observed during the pre trial hearings, when he would turn and glare at the Shavers family. Asked by the prosecution what the tattoos on his fingers said, he explained that they said "Down Town". He said he got the tattoo when he was twelve years old. Asked about the tattoo on his forehead, he explained that it was a number 6. "For the Sixth Ward," he said. "Where I'm from." William Boggs, the public defender, suggested in his closing arguments that the tattoos were child abuse from his time in foster care. As with all other claims, he offered no evidence to support his theory.

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