Ken Foster Online Writing Course this fall

I'm teaching an advanced personal essay course this fall with For more information, you can go to the course description.


Kathryn Usher said…
Your course looks really great. Would love to take it but I'm struggling to put the kid through college.

You do them regularly? I should really plan for an upcoming one. With far enough in advance planning, maybe I could get arts grant money from the local regranting agency or the LDA or maybe we should write a grant and have you come and do a one day seminar in Shreveport.

Marsha Recknagel, who wrote the memoir, If Nights Could Talk, was wonderful when we had her up here about a year ago.
kfoz said…
Thanks. Maybe sometime in the new year I can do one offline, but my schedule is so busy I decided to stay in cyberspace for this one. I've taught with Mediabistro off and on for a few years...

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