Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Meanwhile, in Jefferson Parish, Mexican food is now illegal

Well, not quite. But almost. Jefferson Parish, for those who aren't from here, is the suburban "county" that borders Orleans Parish. It is the Parish whose police used the threat of gunfire to force people back into flooded Orleans Parish during the hurricane. And now they are trying to outlaw the taco trucks that arrived with construction workers after the storm. Most of my friends have been totally psyched by the arrival of actual Mexican food. But the leadership of Jefferson Parish feels that the presence of Mexican food is an uncomfortable reminder of the hardships faced after the storm. So they are ticketing and fining the operators of these mobile kitchens. This is a great of example of many hideous things, but also of just how lucky Jefferson Parish has been if a taco is an example of the worst that has happened to them.


charlotte said...

Ya know, I live in Orleans Parish... altho in the red-headed step-child of Algiers. I don't get why Orleans residents are so biased against Jeff residents. I don't agree with the Taco truck ban but it's the "Jeff Parish isn't as good/enlightened as Orleans" that bugs the hell outa me. As if Orleans is a model to emulate.
People are who they are regardless of their address. And, yes, I realize this is a battle I will never win. :)

Other than this (and I realize you're one of many), I like your blog.

kfoz said...

Hmmm. I'm not sure what part of my post you disagree with. I just stated something you say you actually do think is kind of nutty. But maybe its the explanation of the "county" system that offended you or made it read differently. That was just so people who have never been here can understand parishes, which is something they've probably never heard of before. (And now I've offended them, too!)

Kathryn Usher said...

This is off topic with the post but on topic with the comments...

I blog, live and work in Caddo Parish. One reason may be because Bossier Parish doesn't allow sagging pants.

It sounds like the Jefferson Parish people have been hanging out with the rule enforcers of Bossier.

It's my opinion that an address can influence who you are. If I lived in the suburban sprawl of southeast Shreveport I wouldn't have just spent a couple of hundred on bikes for my daughter and myself.

In historic Highland we can bike to market, post office and hardware store, not to mention our favorite bakery, health food restaurant, yoga studio and coffee shop. We'd be squished like a bug in the sprawl.