and the bronze medal goes to ... The Dogs Who Found Me

One of the many strange things that happened at BEA is that I ran into Steve O'Keefe from AuthorViews and he said, "Congratulations on your award." Had I won an award? "The silver medal," he said. I asked my publisher, they didn't know about it. Finally, I ran down to the Forward Magazine's booth. They sponsor a best of the year award for independent publishers. And there it was: a bronze medal in the pet category for The Dogs Who Found Me. The gold went to Just Gus, a book I love, so I can't be bitter and jealous. There is a certificate involved, suitable for framing. I gave it to my publisher, since it would no doubt be destroyed by the time I carried it home.


Betsy said…
Wow, Ken, congrats!
PS Ben says he misses you.
lisa in tlh said…
Sherri Levek said…
Congratulations--I am a little more than halfway finished reading this book and I love it!! Dogs are the joy in many human lives--mine included. Best wishes and I cannot wait to finish this book and read another of yours!

Sherri Levek
Yuma AZ
Anonymous said…
I am reading your book now. I was outside reading it with Murphy and Kirby my two dogs both from my local humane society. I take one week a year to go away on vacation with my husband but find myself ever so anxious about leaving because I am leaving my dogs. I leave in four days so I must finish your book before that because it will make me miss them too much if I read it on vacation. Congratulations!!!!

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