Whole Foods Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookies...and Mr. Brando Foster

This has become my habit when I'm feeling particularly stressed out: I go to Whole Foods, get a few minutes of a chair massage, and buy three or four enormous peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies to bring home, although I never plan to eat them all at once.

And here is what inevitably happens next: while distracted by Sula or Zephyr, I turn to discover that Mr. Brando Foster has devoured the entire stack of cookies. Usually he appears lounging, completely satisfied, on my bed, with the cookie sleeve somewhere near by. This, naturally, does nothing to aleviate my stress. In fact, the situation tends to spike at this point. Even though the series of events is entirely predictable--Brando always eats the cookies while I'm not looking.

Fortunately, Brando is enormous, so the quantity of chocolate is harmless to him.

The only concern is this: Don't they say that insanity is when someone repeats the same actions expecting a different result?

Zephyr and I just returned from a walk. You can guess what we found upon our return.


Big Sis said…
Guess you SHOULD eat them all at once. Brando is trying to tell you something!
lisa in tlh said…
You could always tell who did what in my house. If it was eaten, Lincoln did it. If it was shredded, Bumpy did it. And they were both proud of themselves afterwards.

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