After Duque

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The new issue of The Bark (May/June) has an essay I've written titled "After Duque."

Those of you who have read The Dogs Who Found Me, or my earlier essay in the anthology Dog Culture, may remember Duque, the Costa Rican dog who I met in 2000, and who inspired my love--some might say obsession--with dogs. When I wasn't able to take him home with me, I adopted Brando in New York.

I returned to Costa Rica for the first time this past August, and learned of Duque's fate. I also met some people who are working with the stray dogs of Costa Rica, including The Mckee Project, which has an innovative spay/neuter system. All of this is part of the new essay, and in much expanded version, the new book, Dogs I Have Met..., which will be out in October.

If you get a chance, check out the article, and the McKee Project, and if you have any thoughts about Duque, post them here.


zabster said…
Could you include a link to the article in which you talk about Duque? I learned of him when you were interviewed on Fresh Air, and I'm hoping he found a loving home...

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