Loudoun County (VA) Animal Control seeks support in violating the state law...

The Virginia State Attorney General ruled in October 2006 that publicly funded animal shelters may not euthanize animals based purely on their breed. In other words, animals need to be assessed individually for their temperment. But Loudoun County has continued to euthanize pit bulls and "mixes" rather than doing any assessments. And now they are seeking public support to continue violating the law. They are asking for public opinion on their website. Feel free to share your thoughts with them.


Anonymous said…
I need to know the local ordinance for hybrid dogs (wolf-dogs) in Loudoun. I AM bringing one home and need to know whether to register as a WD or as a malamute (with hybrid ancestry).
Thanks. She's a timid and lovely female, spayed just yesterday, and less than 1 yr old. I have had hybrids before and adore them. please help.


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