Sunday, February 04, 2007

and now...The Gods Who Found Me

I mentioned in December that The Dogs Who Found Me was available on audio and posted a few links to where customers could purchase the title after being assured that yes indeed it was available, even though it had been scheduled for the coming spring.

Later, I posted about the error that was made in listing the three different audio formats with Books In Print. Somehow it was listed as a book about Che Guevara. So, after many emails, those listings were pulled. In the meantime, the audio was listed in the top ten with Blackstone Audio. Finally in January, I received my own copy--it really does exist!--but at the same time I discovered that the single CD/MP3 version has been listed with this alternate title: THE GODS WHO FOUND ME.

But, it is available. At Amazon, you can find all three audio versions listed indivdually. And you can also find it as a download at and Itunes.


Betsy said...

Oh my god...

Anonymous said...

Bless the dyslexics. Not a bad title, though.