NYC benefit raises $2000 and counting...

I read last night at Astor Place Barnes and Noble to a pretty large crowd--I'd been doubtful that people would show up on Easter Monday. But there they were, and the store sold out of the book, and at the party afterwards, we raised about $2000 for the Louisiana SPCA, although donations are still coming in.

Diane Jessup, who lives in Washington, sent someone with a copy of her book The Dog Who Spoke to the Gods. And Julia Szabo from the NY POST talked to me about her collection of old pit bull photos, which include young Steinbeck and Fred Astaire posing with their dogs. Marc Joseph, the photographer of American Pitbull, got a stack of my book to give to some of the people in his. And and Shawn Hall, my neighbor from Piety Street was in town, and bought me a Mojito and half a pizza.

Others who popped up at the reading and/or party: Amy Hempel, Sheila Kohler, Roxana Robinson, Ben Neihart, Catherine Texier, my cousin Matthew, Steve Rinehart, Matthew Sharpe, and many others. I should give you a link to each of these, but..

Now it is time to go home to the dogs!


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