Contest: Spot the typos in The Dogs Who Found Me

Now I know why Brando has been tossing and turning at night: the book is full of errors. This is embarrassing, always. Because there weren't errors when I wrote it. And there were several people reading it along the way. And there was a copyeditor who was supposed to correct these mistakes. And then I went through the book again.

So, "rescued" is not spelled "resecued." I know that.

"The" and "that" are two totally different words. I know that.

But since the book is now in fifth printing, if you have spotted any typos, please let me know and I'll pass them along to the powers that be.


Wah-Ming said…
Love all dogs! And hire me next time for proofreading!!

yr production editor extraordinaire, wmc from fsg
bookfraud said…
i'm bout as good at proofredading as i amat brian surgry, so your askin the rong cobwoy.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, weren't they suppossed to be cats?

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